Dear Art-lovers,
I hope you'll like the natural colours reflecting nice landscapes, beautiful rivers, enormous green trees of forests and interesting faces of people displayed on my artworks painted in oil on canvas. 
A collection of my artistic works during the past 35 years is shown in my Gallery of Paintings while the Media libraries will list a few examples of my media appearances, awards and honours which I was privileged to receive in the last years.
In addition, let me share with you a short speech I delivered on-line to a distinguished New York artist audience in December 2020. The occasion was devoted to discussing hardships related to coronavirus effecting all of us and the Artists’ responsibility during this difficult time. I truly hope when reading these remarks you will agree with them.
My name is Nora Komoroczki with an artist name of Mano, I am a Hungarian painter from Budapest.
Joining the previous speakers it is to admit we all have experienced this year of 2020 as a very difficult period of time when coronavirus attacked the whole mankind.
In my understanding it is a warning sign of the nature reminding us that we have to pay a much bigger attention to each other and the world surrounding us! We, artists of the planet have a special responsibility and role to play in this regard and need to demonstrate our devoted care about the Globe, the nature and our fellow human beings!
I do my best to show on my paintings the beauties of nature, wonderful waters, forests and their intimate and close ties with the humanity. The same way we undertake all efforts in safeguarding our beloved and ourselves from the terrible pandemic we must save our world and give it as liveable and enjoyable to the next generations!”
I hope you will enjoy my works when browsing this web-page. 
I wish you a good health and all the best!
MANO (Mrs. Nora Komoroczki, the Artist) 
* * * * * 
Bukk mountains (Hungary) by MANO