MANO (Hungary)

Dear visitor,


Thank you for your interest in my recent works. I am a Hungarian painter, my artist name is M (Mano). I have painted mainly with oil for more then three decades inspired by the countries I lived in. My first inspiration to paint came in the mid 80ies: the picturesque view of the Scandinavian landscapes, bright colours of the Swedish rural area and archipelago during autumn time made me start to paint. Later I managed to travel quite extensively and met interesting people all around the world. Subsequently my works were invited to art exhibitions in Stockholm, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Budapest, Pécs and Nyíregyháza.

My friends and supporters persuaded me to launch a personal web-site and share some of my recent paintings, those nice feelings and atmospheres I had the privilege to be part of. If you are fond of my paintings and interested in purchasing any of them please, let me know via e-mail. (


Kind regards,



(Nora Komoroczki from Budapest, Hungary)